How to Deal with Trademark Indonesia : Regulations, etc.

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In Indonesia, dealing with your trademark could be a long and exhausting process to finally establish your brand. You have to sort things out before actually making a patent on your brand in Indonesia. Here are a few of those things you can consider about trademark Indonesia regulations.

Tips for Establishing a Trademark Indonesia

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1. Do thorough research or even ask for professional help

It is a very important step before registering your file for the trademark community. There are lots of cases of winning failure in Indonesia’s trademark community.

This is also a long process where you need to prepare lots of backs up just in case a further process is needed. To make planning, you would likely be assisted with a professional who understands bureaucracy better than you do or have qualified knowledge.

2. Translate your data properly and as clear as possible

It is very important to put a clear translation of the data you are about to register in Bahasa Indonesia. It is a solid regulation where only Bahasa Indonesia data is accepted.

Avoid using google translate or any digital translation services because Bahasa Indonesia has various complicated grammatical. We suggest you afford a professional translator who is fluent in Bahasa Indonesia or even certified.

3. Fill the data precisely and correct

It is very important to make sure every point of the data you are about to register suits each other and there is no mistake, even the minor one. In Indonesia, small details such as postcode, address, etc. is a crucial thing. Minor mistakes might lead you to an even longer process.

4. If you are submitting online

If you are submitting the registration for your trademark online, better check email or any contact address you put on while registering regularly. After submitting the plea application, you should receive a payment bill where you should pay within 24 hours. If it was too late to pay the plea application bill, you might redo the process you have done.

Although it seems it took a lot of processes to register a trademark of your company in Indonesia, you will also find yourself some law-related benefits.

Indonesia Regulation about Trademark an Intellectual Property

The registration of the trademark itself in Indonesia is written on Law No. 15 of 2001. In Indonesia, a trademark is under the regulation of the Directorate-General of Intellectual Property Rights or known as DGIP. Recently, the Indonesian government has amended the law about the Trademark Act in 2016.

The new trademark law now has been amended into the New Trademark and Geographical Indication Law which was legitimated on 27th October 2016, written on Law No. 20 of 2016. In these new regulations, more protection has been given to more types of trademark indications.

It is not somewhat very hard to apply for trademark rights especially because now it is available for an online plea. It is important to protect your brand especially if you are establishing a new branch in another country.

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