What You Have To Know About Cream Cheese

What You Have To Know About Cream CheeseCream cheese is a kind of soft cheese which has a texture similar with butter. Cream cheese is made of 45% cow’s milk fat anda quite different with another kind of cheese. This cream cheese was not made through the process of maturation. That’s why cream cheese is very soft and easy to melt and the taste is quite sour. There are so many cream cheese brand you can try but the best one is Yummy Dairy Cream Cheese. It has some variants you can try such as cream cheese Neufchatel, Ricotta, Mascarpone, cream cheese light, sour cream, and Freme Fraiche.

Commonly, cream cheese sold in a ready-to-use cup or tube. Some of them were sold in rectangular pieces like cheddar cheese. You can find your favorite cream cheese, such as Yummy Dairy in the supermarket.

What cream cheese used for?

cream Cheese, make cream cheese
Cream Cheese

It is commonly used for bread or pastry, filling cake, or main ingredients to make a cheesecake. For cake filling, cream cheese can be mixed with butter cream to make the taste more delicious. In the other hand, the content of cream cheese is really similar with other cheese such as vitaminA, B, D, and calcium. But, cream cheese is dominated with milk fat.

Cream cheese is a kind of soft cheese, so you have to place it in the room temperature and have to be consumed in the short time. When you want to save it in the refrigerator, we just recommend you to cover it by using plastic, put in a closed container, and save it in the bottom of the fridge. So, if you want to buy cream cheese, it will be better to choose in a small disposable cup pack. Next, if you want to find some variants of Yummy cream Cheese, just try to visit http://www.yummydairy.com/product/category/4/fresh-cheeses from now on.

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